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Best Divorce Lawyers in Hyderabad - TOP 2021 NRI Family Advocates

Best Divorce Lawyers in Hyderabad, NRI Advocates - Divorce is sensitive, do not make it complicated. Before filing a divorce get expert advice.


Divorce! There is a definite and alarming increase in the rate of divorce in India year by year, especially in metropolitan cities. Divorce is a complicated process in India. A contested divorce will take a minimum of 3 to 5 years depending on the number of cases in the court. Most of them are ending up living lonely life due to the overage. On the other hand, the number of live-in relationships cases are rapidly increasing in India. India is a country where divorce is governed by personal laws. All inter-religious marriages and divorce are governed by the Special Marriages Act,1954.

Divorce Lawyers Expertise:

Divorce Dilemma

If the spouse is unable to live in the matrimonial home or feeling lonely or unable to bear the torture by the spouse would like to go for divorce but still struggles with a dilemma of how to proceed. In this situation, you need the best divorce advisor who can guide you properly not complicating the situation.

Divorce Lawyer's – Advice:

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We understand that the divorce process is an emotional, stressful, difficult time and most serious situation people face in their lifetime.

We cover all aspects of the divorce proceedings. We help, protect, fight, aggressively represent our clients’ interest in discovery, mediation, settlement discussions, and if necessary at trial and we work to ensure getting the best outcome on behalf of our clients. We will do everything we can to help our client obtain the outcome that is in the best interest.

We use a proven proprietary approach in every case we handle:
  • A holistic & honest advice

    I have been ordering our corporate seals from the friendly staff at London Rubber Stamp for the past ten years and have found their service to be excellent, not only in their fast turnaround time but in the professional manner in which they treat their customers.

    - by Shilpa Sist- United Kingdom

  • I rate him "Excellent"

    Right from the moment i started explaining. Highly relieved after talking to Mr. Rao., Try it out yourself. I rate him "Excellent".

    - by Murthy - USA

  • Very efficient and dynamic lawyer

    Very efficient and dynamic lawyer. I am so glad to acknowledge reliable lawyer. More than content to have met him and taken his advise.

    - by Blessy Mcwan

  • GMRao is very professional

    I was very impressed with his consulting and will highly recommend his services to any one who is in trouble related to divorce, 498a, dowry harassement, or any family related issues.

    - by Siddhartha

  • Mr. GM Rao is highly client focused

    Mr. GM Rao is one of the best 498a lawyers in hyderabad. He handled my 498a, dowry harassment case and I am highly satisfied with his services. . He is ethical fair and will go the extra mile.

    - by Vishal - USA


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