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Best Lawyers in Hyderabad
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Best Lawyers in Hyderabad

G.M.Rao won the Three Best Rated® award for one of the best lawyers in Hyderabad, Telangana, India , for the fourth year in a row.

G.M.Rao Advocate

G.M.Rao is an unbiased independent legal specialist and one of the Best lawyers in India Telangana Hyderabad
G.M.Raos' focus is to find solutions rather than complicate matters. His services are widely recognized for his talent in imparting strategic advice and success.

Over time Mr.Rao built a reputation as one of the Best Lawyers in Hyderabad for imparting: validated research-oriented approach for defending legal problems/ disputes, dedicated to providing our clients with excellent, powerful, and efficient defense/ representation to exceeding clients' satisfaction G.M.Rao is a dedicated lawyer to protecting the rights of clients and take pleasure in combating for justice.

G.M.Rao engaged in rendering legal services for business and individuals, which inter alia include, interpreting the matters relating to the position of fact and law as well as advising on the procedural matters, including execution there in the matters related to Criminal, Property, and Family Law. We represent in all the courts: Lower / High / Supreme Court on behalf of business / individual in India.

Over the years we have built a reputation for providing: proven research oriented approach for defending legal issues / disputes , dedicated to providing our clients with best, effective and efficient defense / representation to meet our clients needs and expectations.

Services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Representation in the Courts:
  • Legal Opinion:
  • Retainer:
  • Drafting – Deeds and Documents:

Our Mission

Guided by honesty, hard work, tenacity, vast experience and through knowledge of law and court system, we will serve our clients as powerfully and effectively as possible, we will pesonally invest ourselves in each and every case, passionately and agressively fight to protect our clients' rights,reputation and freedom.

Our Experience Shows!

We are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients and take pride in fighting for justice. We strive to provide our clients with best defense, no matter what charges/litigation s/disputes they are facing. We fight hard to defend for our client's rights and to get the best possible results.

  • A holistic & honest advice

    I have been ordering our corporate seals from the friendly staff at London Rubber Stamp for the past ten years and have found their service to be excellent, not only in their fast turnaround time but in the professional manner in which they treat their customers.

    - by Shilpa Sist- United Kingdom

  • I rate him "Excellent"

    Right from the moment i started explaining. Highly relieved after talking to Mr. Rao., Try it out yourself. I rate him "Excellent".

    - by Murthy - USA

  • Very efficient and dynamic lawyer

    Very efficient and dynamic lawyer. I am so glad to acknowledge reliable lawyer. More than content to have met him and taken his advise.

    - by Blessy Mcwan

  • GMRao is very professional

    I was very impressed with his consulting and will highly recommend his services to any one who is in trouble related to divorce, 498a, dowry harassement, or any family related issues.

    - by Siddhartha

  • Mr. GM Rao is highly client focused

    Mr. GM Rao is one of the best 498a lawyers in hyderabad. He handled my 498a, dowry harassment case and I am highly satisfied with his services. . He is ethical fair and will go the extra mile.

    - by Vishal - USA


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